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SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES JLLC SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES JLLC was founded in 1998. Thanks to its high expertise, the company has become an international IT company represented worldwide which provides high-quality software and solutions for the banking, financial and industrial spheres. SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES JLLC has established itself as a reliable supplier of IT solutions and products due to highly qualified motivated specialists and effective delivery of solutions and services in time. Working in 12 countries in Europe and Asia where our 54 clients are located every day we confirm the high level of trust ensuring the smooth operation of banks and financial institutions. Our client solutions were downloaded more than 5M times and rated on stores and markets in average 4+. Covering almost any banking business with our solutions we highlight 4 solution streams that we focus on at the moment: Unibank, Trading Platform, Marketplace and Embedded banking. Our highly qualified team of 500+ members in staff will go above and beyond to improve your business.