DataEQ, formerly known as BrandsEye, is a social data and insights business that specialises in providing large organisations with high-quality, actionable data from unstructured customer and public feedback. Using a unique blend of AI and human intelligence, the company offers various tailored solutions, which include:

Customer service
Reduce social noise and improve response rate and time with an optimised service workflow system that prioritises tickets based on their urgency and importance

Market Conduct
Manage and report on social media complaints according to a prescribed regulatory framework with detailed root cause analysis

Customer Experience
Measure CX performance with Net Sentiment to understand specific drivers of customer behaviour and identify friction points along the customer journey

Risk and Reputation
Mitigate risk and protect against reputational brand damage by identifying all potentially damaging conversations in real-time

Founded in South Africa in 2007, and headquartered in London, DataEQ continues to expand internationally. Today, the company supports enterprise clients across four continents covering a range of business sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, automotive, and retail.