Incode Technologies is a leading biometric identity company that is reinventing the way humans verify their identities and interact with the world’s most substantial institutions. Incode is an end-to-end, fully automated omnichannel identity platform that enables seamless interactions across multiple channels with products focused on onboarding, authentication and payment verification that help increase conversion, reduce fraud attempts and maintain user data privacy.

Incode Omni is Incode’s end-to-end identity platform that offers a frictionless customer experience at every point of contact with a consistent level of security across multiple channels. All with the power of enterprise ready pre-built products and flexible implementation solutions. It provides a consistent level of security across multiple channels, and that allow users to access any service with just their face.

With its mission of one identity everywhere, and deep focus on financial and fintech enterprises, among other verticals, the company is growing exponentially. Incode is based in San Francisco with a global presence in the Americas, Europe and expanding in Asia-Pacific.

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