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Financial IT is a digital platform for multimedia and editorial content, rankings and overviews of major industry events. Financial IT magazine is published throughout the year in digital form. Financial IT magazine is available in print form at major trade events through our media partnerships.
We believe that our competitive edge comes from our established relationships with financial IT companies and institutions, the breadth of the solutions described and the quality of content. Financial IT provides a detailed map of the everchanging space where the IT provider sector meets the broadly defined financial services sector.

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Middle East Business News and Magazine is part of Ougarit Group for Marketing. Middle East Business provides quality information about business dynamics and pertinent economic and socio-economic issues, highlights investment prospects, analyses business trends and connects private sector players within the Middle East region, and between this important region and other countries around the globe. The magazine also sheds light on gender issues related to business as well as on creative approaches by policy-makers to resolve business related dilemmas. Middle East Business is an important economic media communication vehicle for promoting private sector-led growth in the Middle East region.
Middle East Business is powered by a mobile application, website and through social media. We solidified all of this with an audiovisual channel on You Tube. We are strengthened by a network of correspondents across many countries.

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The PRIVATEBANKING.COM wealth industry directory is the financial-industry’s leading online business development and networking platform focused on Wealth Management and Financial Services.

The platform offers effective marketing services and tools designed to achieve high brand recognition, broad visibility and reach to your products and services.’s FINANCE LOUNGE business network is a vibrant and fast growing online community designed to help financial markets professionals to build network, increase visibility and identify and stay in touch with relevant industry experts and customers alike.

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CryptoNewsZ is a News Publication that brings the latest news on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ICOs, crypto exchanges, DApps, price analysis of cryptocurrencies, interviews and other prominent events for the crypto community.

We aim to evolve the crypto world and help people understand each and every concept. Ours is a commercial website providing exclusive news and information with an extensive reach of users across the globe.

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TECHx Media, Dubai UAE is an exclusive online publishing and media platform for Technology affairs, publishing news from the technology industry and all major industries from across MEA region. Through our media, we facilitate the promotion of new technological innovations, product launches, and advocacy of exclusive market insights on technology and various other domains interdependent to technology.

We are the fastest growing online media platform for technology industry with over 250K – 300K impressions on our news portal each month from across MEA region, with a website ranking of less under 9K across UAE. With our Arabic news portal now live, we plan to expand to the Africa & Saudi region and reach the Arabic speaking comunity

Apart from being a publishing platform, we are also a full-fledged media and marketing agency, enabling brands with conversion opportunities with targeted campaigns. Our tailor-made digital services have been specifically designed to increase visibility & reach and to create conversion opportunities for our clients and customers.


News Affinity identifies itself as – and is widely known to be – the most trusted source for news and information, the News Affinity Digital Network, which is the top network of news Web sites in the United States, and News Affinity Newsource – one of the world’s most extensively syndicated news services.

The most reputable and comprehensive source of breaking news alerts, as well as the most popular articles, information, and most recent updates in the fields of technology, business, fashion, and gaming.


Coinpedia is a trusted cryptocurrency, event, and information service agency for blockchain technology and overall digital assets. Moreover, this is an entirely independent platform that covers blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized applications, and much other crypto information from the next-generation web.


Payment Cards and Publishing

Built on three major pillars – publishing, research, and consulting – Payment Cards & Mobile has been in the business for 30 years, showcasing support to the payments industry with their award-winning insight and analysis. They offer their clients services ranging from content creation through reports, white papers, and blogs through distribution via their own platforms, supported by a strong social media presence and paid-for media like The Economist and The Financial Times.



DX Talks sets out to participate and collaborate on the most sought-after trends, keeping its network up to date on the latest discussions in media, technology, digitization, fintech, and a lot more. Through their Digital Transformation Talk Show, they work towards highlighting major emerging technologies that have the potential to impact a multitude of industries within the MENA region.


BNC Network

BNC was set up in 2003 in order to digitally connect corporations, for the purpose of increasing transparency in the media, and improving the efficiency of information transfer. They keep their audience updated with the latest announcements in the region, allowing people to remain one step forward in the market.


UAE News247

UAE News 247’s web portal caters to both Arabic and English content, to provide press to a wide range of audiences. On their news platform, significant segments of a multitude of categories are included, covered, and featured. From fashion to food, business to technology, and health to hospitality, their team will bring you the latest updates about the Middle East.