Oper is a leading Belgian-Swiss cloud-based software provider, founded in 2018, with a mission to deliver the best-in-class mortgage experiences through digital channels. The Oper team is comprised of over 14 nationalities and operates out of two main locations: Zürich and Antwerp.
Oper delivers a digital mortgage solution to lenders and mortgage intermediaries in multiple [European] markets. The Oper platform enables digital-first distribution and high-touch servicing of homebuyers, with a seamless process from contact to contract.

Oper’s mission is to provide a world-class experience; not only to borrowers, but also to lenders.
We believe technology should enable, not replace, value-added interpersonal communication, thus we have made it our mission to break down the barriers between lenders and borrowers. For this reason, we provide cutting-edge technology that supports both parties throughout the mortgage journey.

Official URL Website – https://www.opercredits.com/