Holly Joint

Leading Group Digital Transformation

Holly Joint is an experienced leader in digital transformation and claims to have been doing digital before it became a meme. Both in-house and as a consultant, she’s been delivering transformation across organisations such as ADCB, Farah Experiences (Miral), Ooredoo, Cable and Wireless, British Telecom and Vodafone for over 20 years. She also brings an entrepreneurial mindset through her experience with start-ups – working in Accenture’s dot.com venture capital arm, being part of the team that launched Al Khalj Commercial Bank and launching and running a business for Peter Jones of Dragon’s Den fame. She was also Programme Director of Qatar’s winning World Cup Bid. Her great skill is in taking the hype and turning it into a strategy her fellow leaders can relate to and that she and her teams deliver successfully. Her broad repertoire across different industries enables her to grow and transform businesses beyond traditional industry verticals and challenge established thinking to deliver an impact.